Visit of Taiwan Delegates


As a part of British Council ISA Programme, the Principals of schools in TaiwanrnInteracted with the school's student Council members and ISA Team. The team alsorndiscussed the future prospects of collaborative projects and exchange programmesrnwith them.

Shabdo ka Khazana - Class I


An activity Shabdo karnKhazana was held for the students of class I which aimed at creating awarenessrnof the possibilities of using varied words in oral and written expression andrnto add words to the active vocabulary of students. In the first round, they hadrnto write 10 words dictated to them. Amongst them, the best 10 students werernselected for the 2nd round, where they were asked to spell a variety of words.rnFinally in the 3rd round, the students were shown a picture and they had tornwrite names of any 10 things shown in the picture. The students were applaudedrnfor their efforts.

Workshop on Cyber Crime - Classes VII & IX


A workshop on Cyber Crimernwas conducted by Ms. Shilpa Dalmia from Judicial Services (Karkardooma Court)rnfor classes VII & IX. The session began with general talk on rights & responsibilitiesrnin our life. Guidance was given to be careful on social media and for sharingrnpictures, making friends and liking and sharing facebook pages. It wasrnemphasised that the students should understand their responsibility towardsrnparents and teachers and should confide in them if faced with dilemma or inrncrisis situations.

Visit to Minute Maid factory - Class VII-C


An excursion to MinuternMaid factory at Sahibabad was conducted in association with TOI for the students ofrnclass VII-C.

District Interact Leadership Assembly 2017


The students of InteractrnClub of the school attended District Interact Leadership Assembly 2017 held atrnRM Arya Girls School. The students performed on a Sadbhavna Geet showcasingrnempathy towards the society. The Interactors discussed various issues being facedrnby the society with their fellow mates from other schools and were motivated byrnthe eminent Rotarians to work on the moto- 'Service before Self'.

6th Goenkan Esporte


The grand opening ceremony was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest Mr. Chetan Sharma, ‘the former Indian Cricketer’, known as the ‘Little Hurricane’ and the Members of the Managing Committee of G.D.Goenka Public School , East Delhi. Mr. Chetan Sharma, the former Indian Cricketer declared the sports meet open by releasing the balloons and congratulated the Principal, Ms. Anupama Chopra, for bringing up an esteemed institution which focuses on the holistic development of the child. He addressed the parents and the students , emphasizing the importance of sports and discipline in life. The Sports captains and the sports stars carried ‘The Goenkan Jyoti’ as a reflection of “the light of spirit, knowledge and life”.  The march past by the houses exhibited discipline and hardcore practice of the students. Students demonstrated their abilities in different sports and fitness activities such as Crazy Beats, Rhythmic Beats and Yoga which ensured coordinated and synchronized mass participation. The skillful Goenkans dancers also added sparkling colours to the arena by performing Fan Dance.  The long awaited athletic events filled the atmosphere with ardour and gusto.  The event came to an end successfully with the Prize Distribution and vote of thanks.

Special Assembly on Children's Day - Classes Nur-II


A Special Assembly was organized by the teachers of classes Nur-II for the students of Nursery, KG, I & II. A short skit 'The Sky is Falling' was narrated wherein teachers dressed up as animals and enacted the whole story on stage. After the skit the teachers danced on the song 'I wanna Party'. A quiz time on Children's Day was also organized. Students enjoyed the skit and danced to the music. On the occasion of Children's day, students were served brownies and chocolates.

Result of Inter House French Poster Making Competition


Result of Inter House French Poster Making Competition held on 04.10.17

I Position: Radhakrishnan House (Harshita Jain VIII-B, Mishthi Khurana VII-C).

II Position: Vivekananda House (Avni Rastogi VII-B, Rashi Garg VIII-A).

III Position: Tagore House (Aura Jain VII-C, Mehak Bhola VII-C).

Vigilance Awareness Week 2017


VigilancernAwareness Week 2017 was celebrated from 30.10.17 to 03.11.17 with great solemnity and fervour by thernstudents. A slogan writing competition was held on 2nd November on the topicrn"corruption free India ." Class XI students staged an elocutionrncontest on "How can value education contribute in controllingrncorruption". Apart from this, an essay writing competition was heldrnon 3rd November among the students of class X on the topic "role of IT inrnmaking India corruption free". A pledge ceremony was also carried out onrn31st October during the school assembly in which the entire school pledged tornwork towards a corruption free India.

Inter House Cook without fire Competition - Classes VI-VIII


An inter house Cook without fire Competition was conducted for the students of classes VI-VIII. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The theme was sweet dish. There was one team per house with 3 students in each team. The students made very interesting and delicious dishes.