Workshop on Behavioral issues - Class VII


A workshop on Behavioral issues was conducted in association with TOI , the resource person Ms. Jayshree asked students about the human traits that they like and dislike. Students gave answers that they like caring, helpful and punctual traits in people and dislike their rude and selfish behavior. Through these questions the students understood that the qualities they don't like in others, should not be followed by them also. They were also explained to enhance good moral values and let go of the bad traits by controlling the emotions such as anger, hatred etc. Students learnt how to manage their emotions by having positive approach towards situations.

Excursion to Ravali Biodiversity Park - Class IX


Students enjoyed the nature walk. They were given information about the diversity which exist within species, between species and our ecosystem. They were also shown short video for the kinds of species existing in the park.

Workshop on Creative Writing - Class IV


Ms. Priya Natrajan, the resource person briefed the students about various skills required to come up with good write up. It was an interactive session wherein the students were asked to analyze their surroundings and write few sentences to describe it.

Orientation Ceremony (New Admissions)


Orientation Ceremony for parents of New Admissions (2019-20) was conducted in the school. The principal welcomed the guest of honour Dr. V.S. Ravindran (DG, ICTRC), Mrs. Bharti Sharma (Director-Academics, G.D. Goenka Schools), Mr. Kawal Kumar (Chairman) and Mrs. Anju Gangwani along with Mr. Govind Kumar (Vice-Chairman) and Mr. Dinesh Singla (Member-Governing Body). Dr. V.S. Ravindran gave parenting tips and answered queries of the parents on various child related issues. 

Workshop on Behavioral issues - Class VII


The resource person, Ms. Garima from Litchi Knowledge Centre updated the students on the type of behavior, bullying concerns and certain benefits of positive emotions ; a power point presentation was shown for the same.

Workshop on Vedic Maths - Class VI


The workshop revolved around solving difficult mathematical problems at the drop of a hat using the techniques taught by the facilitator. The students learnt about myriad sutras that helped in improving their problem solving skills.

Excursion To Sariska - Class X & XII


The students undertook adventure activities like rappelling, wall climbing and zipline etc. The students also went for star gazing and observed Sirius, nebulae and planets like Saturn along with many stars. They also went on jungle safari and saw animals such as boars, antelopes, sambar deers etc. and later went for some high spirited camping activities.

workshop for CBSE Maths Exam - Class X & XII


A workshop was organised for students of class X & XII for guiding the students on how to excel in Maths board exams. The speaker Mr. Chibber is a CBSE panelist and a retired Principal. His valuable inputs and guidance on the board pattern and strategies enlightened our students. The following points were stressed upon in the workshop such as Blue print of sample papers of CBSE, Common errors made by students in specific questions, Presentation of solutions and representation of correct figures, attempting the calculation based questions in the middle of exam.

Workshop on Accountancy & Business Studies


A workshop on Accountancy & Business Studies was conducted by Dr. Vikas Vijay, an eminent author on 'How to crack Accountancy & Business Studies paper ' for class XII students.

Blood Donation Camp


The Interact Club of G.D.Goenka Public School, East Delhi organized a Blood Donation Camp in association with Rotary Club of Delhi. This annual event initiated for the noble cause of donating blood to the Armed forces was successfully executed under the able guidance of the School Principal-Ms. Anupama Chopra and Interact Club teachers Coordinators. The event started with the arrival of Rtn. K.S. Vaidyanathan, President-Rotary Club of Delhi and Rtn. D.N. Sethi, Secretary, Rotary Club of Delhi. Almost 80 donors donated blood for the noble cause. Pranav Verma, student president, Interact Club and his team did a commendable job of motivating and encouraging visitors/parents to donate blood for this cause.