District Interact Training Seminar


Pranay Jain of XII-B (President-Interact Club) and Eva Aggarwal of X-A (Secretary-Interact Club) participated in District Interact Training Seminar at Sanskriti School, Chankyapuri. The students were informed about various upcoming activities initiated by The Rotary Club and the Interact Club of other schools. The seminar culminated with the review of last year's activities by the respected Rotarians which was followed by a Vote of Thanks.

Excursion To Kohinoor chocolate factory - Class V


An excursion was planned for class V to Kohinoor chocolate factory situated in Noida. The students were first taken to the auditorium in the factory premises and were made aware of the manufacturing process through different videos. They were sensitized towards cleanliness of their surroundings and its importance. Then the students were taken on the tour around the factory unit where they witnessed processes of mixing, churning, kneading, cutting, cooling and packaging of various Parle products. The students really enjoyed the tour and learnt about the hardwork and processes behind manufacturing of a product. 

Mangolicious Week - Class II


The students participated in various activities throughout the week such as Cotton Dabbing on Mango cut-out, writing qualities of Mango, preparing crown/head band of mango shape. Show & Tell etc. They also brought Mango dishes from home which were relished by one and all. The teachers informed the students about different varieties of mango.

Mango Week -Classes Nur-I


 Mango Week celebrated from 3.07.18 to 6.07.18 for Nur-KG & 16.07.18 to 20.07.18 for Class I. The students participated in various activities throughout the week such as Rhyme recitation, tearing pasting activity in mango shaped cut out. The teachers informed the students about the nutrients the fruit offers such as Vitamin C. The students came dressed in yellow dresses and brought mango in their lunch boxes. They also enjoyed mango flavoured ice cream and mango flavoured drink-Tang.

Legal Literacy Workshop - Classes X-XII


The resource person Mr. Ashish Jain from the Delhi Legal Services spoke about the importance of being aware of their rights. The main focus was on the current adolescent issues like bullying, Sexual, physical and mental abuse, stalking and cyber crime.

Excursion To Kohinoor Chocolate Factory - Class III


An excursion was organisedrnfor the students of class III to Kohinoor Chocolate Factory. The studentsrnlearned about the process of manufacturing & wrapping of candies. Arndocumentary was shown on cleanliness and the students received Parle-G andrnCandies as complimentary gifts.

Excursion To Grocery Store - Classes NURSERY & KG


An excursion to GroceryrnStore was organised for the students of KG & Nursery on 11.07.18 and 12.07.18rnrespectively. The students were taken to Reliance Fresh and were informed aboutrnthe articles sold such as household goods, vegetables and other food items. Thernstudents were able to identify fruits and vegetables and shared theirrnexperience. 

Master chef Activity - Class II


The objective of the activity was to inculcate healthy food habits andrnawareness regarding the choice of food amongst students. The students worernaprons and chef caps and learned to cook without fire. Students of class II-A,rnII-B and II-C prepared Nachos Chat, Pasta Salad and Cheesy Monaco Biternrespectively.

Excursion to Kiran Nadar Museum - Class VIII


Class VIII students along with the teachers went for an excursion to Kiran Nadar museum.rnThe museum had exquisite and amazingrnpaintings of the modern and contemporary art. The students were also updatedrnabout the painters and the features of their painting.

Zonal Chess Competition (U-19) Result


Vinayak Agarwal of class XII participated and bagged 1st position in Zonal ChessrnCompetition (U-19) 2018-19 at DAV, Shrestha Vihar.