Inter House Monologue Competition - Classes VII-VIII


The second day ofrnEnglish week was devoted to the famous English poet, playwright and an actor,rnWilliam Shakespeare in order to celebrate his contribution in the field ofrnEnglish literature. The participants presented various monologues from thernfamous Shakespearean plays like Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth etc. They werernjudged on the criteria of preparedness, expressions and use of costumes andrnprops.

City Experience Festival


8 Goenkan students attended City Experience Festival at Stainless Art Gallery, South Delhi. Many paintings by famous artists (caricatures, portraits, sketches etc.)were displayed which depicted the awesome culture of Delhi. The paintings made by the students of our school were also displayed. Madhev Dua of Class XII also played drums with professional artists. Many handicrafts (made by waste material) prepared by less fortunate children were also displayed.

Earth Week - Classes III-V


Earth Week was celebrated from 16.04.18 to 20.04.18 . On this occasion the students of class III participated in T-Shirt painting activity . The topic was SAVE EARTH FROM POLLUTION. Students of class IV participated in the activity- Best Out of Waste Paper in which they created some really beautiful and useful things using waste paper and vowed to take care of the Mother Earth by reducing and reusing the waste. The students of class V observed and celebrated earth week and the students were sensitized towards our environment and to recycle our bio-degradable waste, composting in terracotta pots etc. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity and learnt to make compost easily at home by videos and a discussion was held to make them understand the use of compost at home.

Fun Week - Class II


Fun Week held from 16.04.18 to 19.04.18. On Monday, the students had lemonade party as they came dressed in fancy attire and enjoyed Mango Tang. Tuesday was Movie Mania day and the students watched animated movie-"A Happy Feet". On Wednesday, students brought their favourite Board Game such as Chess, Ludo, Dart, Uno etc. On the last day, students played Fun games such as Parachute Game, Tug of War, Zig Zag Race, Tunnel Maze Race etc.

Visit to Humayun's Tomb - Class IX


Students of class IX along with class teachers went to Humayun Tomb as a part of the Heritage Walk. They were intrigued to seernthe monument and were fascinated by its history.They were excited to see thernwork of thousands of skilled craftsmen who worked tirelessly to create magicrnout of stone brought from great distances.

Visit to APJ Kalam Museum - Class X


Students along with the class teachers reached the prestigious museum which showcased the life andrnachievements of our 'Missile Man'. After an extensive tour, the students wererntaken to adjoining Dilli Haat that showcased and sold artefacts and handicraftsrnfrom all the States of India. The students enjoyed varied cuisine and handicraftrnshopping.

Result of Inter-House Tangrams Competition - Class III-IV



The final round of Inter-HousernTangrams Competition for class III-IV was conducted. Two teams comprising ofrntwo students each representing each house for the respective competitionrnparticipated. Tagore House secured Irnposition, Radhakrishnan scored II position and Teresa House secured IIIrnposition.



Result of Inter-House Origami Competition : class V-VI


The final round of Inter-HousernOrigami Competition for class V-VI was conducted. Two teams comprising of twornstudents each representing each house for the respective competitionrnparticipated. RadhakrishnanrnHouse secured I position, Teresa secured II position and Tagore House securedrnIII Position.

Fun filled day bash - Class Nursery


The students of Nurseryrnparticipated in the fun filled day bash. Students had a great time as theyrnparticipated in different types of races and games such as Parachute Popcorn,rnCrossing the Tunnel, Kicking the Football and Balancing the beam.

Magic Show - Classes I-II


A Magic Show was conductedrnin association with TOI for classes I-II. The show started with a Peppy Musicrnand the magician showed various tricks such as handkerchief trick, flowerrntrick, balloon trick etc. The students were invited on stage and were encouragedrnto be a part of the show.