Vegetables Dayout Activity - Class Nursery


To understand the importance of healthy eating habits, Vegetables Dayout was organised for the students of Class Nursery. Students got different vegetables from home and the vegetables vendor enactment was done by the teachers. Students were also given the knowledge about the nutritional value of vegetables and how we should use them.

Show 'n' Tell Activity - Class KG


To enhance the vocabulary, retention and speaking skills of the students , Show 'n' Tell activity was organised for the students of Class KG. Students shared their experiences of different places they visited during the vacation using photo collages.

Mango Week - Class Nursery-KG


To familiarize the students with the king of fruits, "Mango Week" was organised for the students of class Nursery & KG with the beautiful decoration all around the corridors. An exhibition of various food items made from mango fruit was displayed in the concept room where students observed and tasted all the food items. A story on the fruit and a small power point presentation depicting various facts and variety of the fruit was discussed. Students also engaged themselves in the Mango Craft-Making activity.

Recycling day - Class I-II


Recycling day was observed in class I and II wherein students were taken to the recycling unit situated in the school and were told the importance of paper and ways to recycle it. Further, students were given hands on experience in making a new paper using the old waste papers which later can be reused by them for creating an art work .

III Position - Zonal Chess Tournament


Ishaan Pant of class IX-A secured III position in the Zonal Chess Tournament (Senior Category) .

I Position - Zonal Chess Tournament


Vinayak Agarwal secured I position in the Zonal Chess Competition (Senior Category) .

Adventure camp to Thangdar - Classes IX-XII


50 Goenkan students of  Classes IX-XII accompanied by their teachers went on a four day adventure tour to Thangdar organised by Logout. The students were very excited and participated in various Adventure Activities like Rappelling, Flying Fox, Burma Bridge, Cross Net, Vertical Ladder etc. Many Experimental Exercises such as Spider Web, Acid River, Rolling Ball, Blindfold Tent Pitching, Traffic Jam, Mines, Big Finger and Blindfold trust Walk were also conducted to enhance individual qualities such as trust, teamwork and leadership skills.  The four day tour culminated with bonfire and DJ night. An addition was a fleeting visit to the Tehri Dam which was much appreciated by the students.

Summer Camp culmination ceremony


Summer Camp for classes KG-XII was organised by the P.E. Department from 18.05.17 to 9.06.17. The camp hosted various sports activities like Skating, Splasher’s Pool, Tennis, Basket Ball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Chess, Gym/Fitness. The success of the Sports Summer Camp, 2017, full of varied activities carefully concocted for kids during summer break, was clearly visible with the grand culmination ceremony celebrated in the school today wherein each student received certificate and they were seen saying ' I learnt a new skill' with much gusto. 

Classes IX-XII Adventure camp


52 Goenkan students of classes IX-XII accompanied by the teachers are going on an adventure camp to Thangdar from 05.06.17 to 09.06.17 .

Adventure camp to Bhowali - Classes VI-VIII


40 Goenkan students of  Classes VI-VIII accompanied by the teachers went on a four day adventure tour to Jungle Retreat, Bhowali  - Camp Anubhav organised by Rocksport Adventures. They were thrilled to be a part of various adventures like Rappelling, Survival Trek, Night Trek, Guerrilla Warfare etc. Their stay in camps and real adventures got them closer to nature. The four day tour culminated with bonfire and DJ night.