Visit to Honda traffic training park - Class II

Students of class II were taken to Honda traffic training park for an educational trip.Students enjoyed and learned some useful day to day rules that should be followed on road.

Assembly on Healthy Food - Class KG A

Assembly on Healthy Food was conducted by KG-A students.They came dressed up as vegetables and fruits.The students performed a skit on consumption of junk food and its ill effects.The skit concluded with the students reiterating the benefits of including vegetables and fruits in the diet.

Celebration of Moon day - class II

Class II students celebrated Moon day with great zeal and enthusiasm.Students made craft to depict the movement of moon around the earth.They were also explained the different phases of moon through bulletin board and PowerPoint Presentation .

Visit to Grocery store- class Nursery


Children of Nursery grade visited the Grocery store -Natures Basket. It was a good learning experience for the students as they got to see many real fruits & vegetables even the imported ones like Red Pear, Avocado, Zucchini etc. It was hands on experience for them. They were told about various vegetables and fruits & their colors.

Special assembly on Hazardous Plastic - class I-A

The students of Class I Anemone presented a wonderful skit with lovely props explaining why plastic bags are harmful to the environment. Furthermore, various other alternatives of plastic bags like jute bags, paper bags etc. were also shown to the students .

Patter Spatter activity - class II

Class II welcomed the rainy season with Patter Spatter party where they enjoyed in the shower of water with dance, drinks and food. They enjoyed by tapping their feet along with the Rain Shower.

We are the one activity- class KG

Tiny tots of KG class came dressed up in attire of various countries like U.S.A, U.K, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Kids learnt the Korean gestures, the food they eat and the festivals they celebrate. They were taught the standard way of saying Hello in Korean Language i.e., "Annyoung Haseyo" with a gentle bow.

We are the one activity- class Nursery

Students of Nursery class came dressed in Pakistan's attire and were made to greet each other in Pakistan's traditional way. The students were shown Pakistan's National flag and its national food.

Patter Spatter activity - class KG

Patter Spatter activity was organised for the students of class KG under which Rain Dance was organised for the children.Yummy Tang with different flavours were also served to the children. They enjoyed by tapping their feet along with the Rain Shower.

Summer Camp culmination ceremony


The Summer Camp culminated today with lots of zeal & fervour. Students performed brilliantly on various activities such as Keyboard: Pratyush Arora and Deepanshu Gupta performed to the tune of Phoolon ka Taaro ka Tabla: Abhinav Sharma and Prateek Prakash Jha began the presentation which was followed by an excellent performance from Harshbir Western Dance: 42 students participated and danced on the song Matargashti Kathak: 6 students performed on a parody of songs Theatre: 21 students presented a comedy skit "Laakh ki Naak".