Adventure tour to The Caving Paradise, Nainital - classes V - VII


Students from classes V to VII along with 7 teachers went on an adventure tour to The Caving Paradise, Nainital -The entire programme was divided into 3 days where the students learnt about leadership, first aid and participated in a number of outdoor adventure activities. Camp Anubhav organised by Rocksport Adventures from 02.06.16 to 05.06.16.Day 1:Tent allotment, Zip line, Journal Writing Day 2: Exercises, Caving, Rappelling, Camp Games, Samba (creating music from junk), Bonfire, Journal Writing. Day 3: Exercises, Camp Games, Trekking, Guerilla Warfare - catapult making, Night Trek, Prize Distribution Ceremony.

2nd position at the International level of International Robotronics Competition (IRC) held at Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Anuj Talwar, Kamal Jain, Mayank Gupta and Sanam Bansal of class X B(senior level), Aansh Goyal and Mehul Aggarwal of class IX A, Prince Jain of class VIII A and Sankalp Mukim of class IX B (middle level) coordinated by their robotics teachers Ms Divya and Ms Geetika participated at the International level of IRC( after bagging 3rd position at the national level) which was held at Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore.Many teams participated in the International level from different countries like Singapore, Maldives, Bangladesh, Srilanka, India.Senior level bagged 2nd position and the Middle level got 4th position in the competition.It was overall a wonderful experience and a moment of pride for the students to represent their school at the International level.

Adventure tour to The Mountain Quail, Mussoorie - classes VIII-XI

Students from classes VIII to XI went on a four day adventure tour to The Mountain Quail, Mussoorie - Camp Anubhav organised by Rocksport Adventures from 23.05.16 to 26.05.16. They were thrilled to be a part of various adventures like Trekking, Hiking, River-Crossing, Burma Bridge, Hangman and Fireplace, Guerilla Warfare and Rock Climbing. Their stay in cottages and real adventures got them closer to nature.

Mother's Day celebration - Class Nursery & KG

Mother's Day was celebrated by the students of Nursery-KG in the school. KG students performed on a parody of songs which was followed by a skit to show how the mother is busy throughout the day but never misses to love everyone. Many fun filled games were played such as Musical Chair, Newspaper Dance, collect & Win etc . Mothers were overwhelmed by the love and care shown by students. They appreciated the efforts made by the school to make them feel special.

Tangy Day Celebration

Tangy Day was introduced to Nursery & KG students through various activities.Different kinds of printing like fist printing and shape printing was done on an orange cut-out, eraser printing in grapes cut-out and paper dabbing was done in Orange cut-out by the students. Students were also served Tang (orange/ lemon) flavor.

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on 22nd April. Nursery children made a craft with their hand prints pasted on the earth cutout and thereby promising to keep their surroundings clean, watering the plants daily and avoid wasting of water. KG children were given the cutout of a hand in which they wrote their name and coloured it.They all pledged together to keep our country clean. They were explained how our mother Earth is being harmed by cutting trees,pollution from vehicles and factories.They promised to plant more trees. Class I celebrated Earth Day by showing their support for Environmental protection and also shown keen interest by drawing planet Earth and writing slogans.

Workshop on International Nutrition Intake and Difference- Class I & 2

A workshop on "International Nutrition Intake and Differences" was organised for class I-II under the  ISA activity-Healthy mind resides in a Healthy Body. A Power Point presentation was also shown to the students to explain the difference between Indian and International food. Subsequently a story was shown to the students about a boy who loved to eat a lot of junk food or unhealthy food. The story ended with the message that junk food is bad for our health. The session ended with the trainer summarizing the topic and bringing out the similarities /dissimilarities between Indian cuisine and those of various other countries.

Fun with shapes activity - class II

Fun with shapes activity was organized for Class II. The students used their creativity to make different shapes (square, rectangle,  circle, triangle). The students also practiced the skill of cutting and pasting paper neatly.

Freehand or freestyle drawing activity- Class I

Freehand or freestyle drawing activity was organized for class I on the topic Swachch Bharat Abhiyan. This activity encouraged their creativity and motivated them to learn about many things, it also helped in developing their fine motor skills like grasping, holding and eye-hand coordination.

Swach Bharat Abhiyan-Class Nursery & KG

A "Swachch Bharat Abhiyan" slogan march was organized by Nursery & Kindergarten students. The students were briefed about the "Swachch Bharat Abhiyan", its objectives, how it was initiated and its significance. Nursery students marched within the school with a handmade dustbin carrying in their hands and whatever litter they found they picked up and also appealed other students not to litter and "Keep India Clean", "Our School Clean" and "Our Class Clean".