Shabdo ka Khazana activity -Class II

An intra class "Shabdo ka Khazana" activity was organized in class II. All the students of class II participated in the activity. A three round format was adopted wherein the first round a dictation round was conducted from which some students were selected for the IInd round of 'fill up' where students inserted the missing alphabets to make a complete word in the time specified. The third round was an oral round from which 3 winners were selected. There were several tie breaker rounds for elimination.

Visit of Ms. Mary Berry from Le Rocquire School

Ms. Mary Berry from Le Rocquire School, Jersey visited our school for two days. Special Assembly was organized for classes III-V. She was welcomed by the students through Poem " A country of my dreams" and song 500 Miles. Ms. Mary gave a power point presentation on Life in Jersey.

Laughter Day- Class I & II

Class I & II students enjoyed Laughter Day by watching funny videos and sharing their thoughts on laughter.The class II students were asked to be a part of the Laughter Club wherein they share jokes with each other and some of the students also did mono act of various funny characters/cartoons. They were also told the benefits of laughter.

Special Assembly by Classes IX B & IV A

A Special Assembly was conducted by classes IX-B & IV-A. The prize distribution was done for Inter house events - Cricket, Science Quiz, Music and Skates. Atishay Jain of IX-B gave a speech on World Cancer Day to spread awareness among all and Mayank Gupta of IX-B gave a speech on World Wetlands Day.

Send a Card Day activity - classes I & II

Send a Card Day activity was held for classes I-II. Students of class I were given A-4 coloured sheets and were asked to design a card using shavings of pencils and crayons making beautiful flowers.They will gift it to their parents as a token of love & respect. Class II students made beautiful handmade cards for their grandparents. The idea behind making card for the grandparents was to make students acknowledge the love, care and affection that their grandparents shower on them.

Inter-House Rangoli Competition- class V

Students of Class V participated in Inter-House Rangoli Competition on the theme-Freedom. Students made colourful rangoli depicting the importance of freedom in our lives as well as accepting and respecting others freedom also. Vivekanand House Team was announced as the winner.




educational trip to Bal Bhawan-class II

An educational trip was organized for class II students to Bal Bhawan. Children learned about different states and their cultural heritage.They were also taught about different traffic signals and observed some traffic rules while walking on the streets.

English Story Narration activity-class KG

English Story Narration activity took place in KG class. Children narrated few moral stories in the activity like Ant and the Grasshopper, Lion and the Mouse etc with the help of props.

Art activity - class 1

Art activity took place in class 1 today.Students created innovative and attractive eye masks using waste material and imprinted their little finger prints on it.