Power point presentation on introduction to Euclid's Geometry by Class IX

A power point presentation on introduction to Euclid's Geometry was held for class IX. The activity helped the students in exploring the historical concepts related to geometry. Apart from gaining knowledge this activity was helpful in developing the confidence, communication, skills and cooperative spirits among the students.

Inter House Maths Symposium for class VIII

Inter House Maths Symposium was held for class VIII in the school on the topic Application of Maths in other Subjects . The symposium aimed at promoting the interest of students in learning mathematics. The participants used various tools like ppts, charts, etc. to enlighten the audience on the given topic. The first position was bagged by Radhakrishnan House followed by Tagore in the second and Teresa in the third place.

Salad Making activity for nursery and KG

Salad Making activity conducted in Nursery &  KG.The nutritional values of the vegetables was taught to the students. Students enjoyed these salads during the lunch break.

Fruit Salad activity for Class 1 and 2

Fruit Salad activity conducted in classes 1 and 2 . Students made fruit salad with the help of teacher. It was overall a healthy learning experience in which students learnt how to cut and peel different fruits and importance of eating fruits in our life .

Mango Day for Class Nursery and KG

Mango Day was celebrated today in classes Nursery & KG. Teachers and students dressed up in yellow attire. Students were shown a story  of "The Mithu and the Yellow Mango" on the smart board. Various art & craft techniques like paper tearing, pasting, cotton dabbing, thumb printing etc. were taken up on theme Mango. Students alongwith teachers designed mango shaped headgear, armlets etc. The students enjoyed Mango Ice Creams & Mango Drinks

Investiture Ceremony 2015-16

The student council for the session 2015-16 was invested today. The students council comprised of 24 students of class X appointed for Various posts. The post of Head Boy and Head Girl went to Chaitanya Giri and Kavya Gupta respectively

100% attendance during summer camp

The prizes for 100% attendance during summer camp were given to 28 students in the junior group & 18 students in the senior group.

Inter house yoga competition for classes III-V

Inter house yoga competition was held in the school from 7th Jul to 9th Jul for classes III-V(boys and girls) .There were 3 rounds in the competition. Students of all houses took part in the competition. Vivekananda House stood I, Tagore House and Radhakrishnan House stood II.

Calligraphy for Class I and II

Calligraphy activity held in the school for class I and II. The Activity motivated the students to write neatly in good handwriting.

Summer Vacation U.K. & Europe excursion 2015

Twenty Five students and four teachers travelled to U.K & Europe from 11th June 2015 to 23rd June 2015 under the It gave unique learning experience to all the students.Students from grade VI-X formed a part of the excursion. The group  visited London, Paris, Switzerland, Germany, Austria ,Italy. As a lot of emphasis was on visiting historical monuments, the students were exposed to different architectural styles prevalent in European countries. The students also learnt about the life styles and cultures of the places visited in addition to having fun at Disneyland (Paris) and Mt. Tittilis (Switzerland) Summer Vacation U.K. & Europe excursion 2015.