Inter house Patriotic Group Song Competition - Classes V-VI


The participants of all the four houses were dressed in Tricolour, wonderful leaders and soldiers showing the true spirit of India. Each house presented a Hindi patriotic song and showcased mastery over voice modulation, pitch, rhythm and tone.

Movie time - Class NUR-KG


The students went to PVR to watch the movie The Lion King and enjoyed the movie while having popcorns and cold drink. They were able to relate to the main character and learnt the lesson -Victory of Good over Evil.

Workshop on Good Touch and Bad Touch - Class IV


The resource person Ms. Ruchi Garg made students familiar with possible threats and explained about private body parts. She also informed students on how to handle threatful situations and insisted on safe circle activity along with counselling sessions. 

Visit of Delegates from Uzbekistan


A special assembly was conducted by the students of classes III-VI to facilitate and welcome the three member delegation (Mr. Rajabov Vahobjon-Head of Public Education, Namangan Region, Mr. Shodihanov Husniddin Baxriddinovich-Head of Secondary Schools Dept., Namangan Region, Mr. Koriev Mirzokhid- Head of English Faculty & Translator) from Uzbekistan along with Dr. Anish Ahmad-Director Education, Paradigm Pioneers Group, to understand and exchange learning/teaching techniques especially of English Language in Indian Schools. The delegates felicitated Ms. Anupama Chopra, School Principal and presented her with Ushanka Cap as a symbol of respect and love. Future collaborations and exchange programmes between the students of two countries was welcomed and proposed. Later the dignitaries were taken on school tour and they observed few classes and our teaching techniques. 

Chemistry Workshop - Classes XI-XII


The resource persons Dr. Mallika Pathak and Dr. Malti Sharma conducted a series of fun and interesting experiments wherein many acids and bases were mixed to create different outcomes such as magic odours, ire without match, Blue Bottle experiment, Elephant's Toothpaste, Green Flame, Chemical Chameleon, Vanishing Cup and Crazy Ball. The teachers explained the reactions and gave reasons for the same.

Inter House Patriotic Song Competition - Classes VII-IX


The participants of all the four houses showcased brilliant performance. It was an event filled with emotions of patriotism and zeal. 

Inter House Cook without Fire competition - Class V-VI


The students enthusiastically prepared sweet dishes along with drinks. The judgement was done on the basis of Presentation, ingredients and knowledge of the recipe.

Parent's Day - Class I


Class I students celebrated Parent's Day and came beautifully dressed up in different attires. It was a great event wherein the students danced to musical numbers. Parents applauded the show and also played various games and won gifts.

Environmental Workshop - Classes V-IX


The resource person, Ms. Nabanita Deshmukh is an educator and writer of children's stories and poems. The resource person read the story-The Toothless Cobra and other stories from the wild. This was followed by a quiz round related to the environment which the students thoroughly enjoyed. 

Inter house Street Play competition - Classes IX-XII


As part of ISA Activity, the street play was conducted by students on the Impact of Fuels on Environment. The theme was fuel conservation. 4 teams with 8-10 participants in each participated in this event.