Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign


Directorate ofrnEducation organised meeting on Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign at GDGPS, East Delhi for the Principals of other schools. Dept. of Health & Education arernpartnering for the vaccination for all children aged between 9 months to 15rnyears. Principals of 24 Govt. Schools, 8 Govt. Aided schools and 34 Publicrnschools attended this meeting.

CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Science -Class X


Ms. Priyanka Joshi & Ms. Simi George attended a two day (29.10.18-30.10.18) CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Science for Class X at Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar. The concept of different teaching strategies were made clear with the help of various activities. Bloom's Taxonomy and the importance of making lesson plan was reinforced in the workshop. 

Workshop on Physical Education


Mr. Arun Yadav, Physical Education teacher attended a Workshop on Physical Education conducted by Forum of Public Schools at Remal Public School, Rohini Sec-3. The resource person, Mr. Mukesh Kohli from CBSE, started the session with introduction and importance of sports & activities to remain healthy. The teachers were also informed about new pattern of health & physical education for classes IX-XII. 

Science Workshop


Ms. Aarti Malhotra & Ms. Manini Gaur attended Science Workshop arranged by Macmillan at Clarks Inn, Pacific Mall. It was about Structured approach to teaching and science hands on activities in the classroom given by Mr. Jyoti Patrick. Many Science topics like adaption , light , pressure, rotation etc. were introduced through activities. Theses activities can be conducted with simple materials available to us. Overall, it was on how to initiate discussion, give feedback to students while introducing a topic in the class. 

Special Assembly on 'Explore our Country' - Class III-B


Students of class III-B conducted a Special Assembly on topic "Explore our Country", wherein they presented a state tourism. The students came dressed as the natives of the different states like Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Kerala, Kolkata etc. The students explained and portrayed the special tourism attractions in different states on stage.

Visit to Faculty of Science, University of Delhi


GDGPS Science department visited faculty of Science, Delhi University. The objective behind the visit was to have an insight into the emerging scenario in the wake of recent developments in science and astronomy. It was considered necessary to embark on some major projects which have relevance to school education and National needs and would be relevant for upcoming technology. They also visited dept. of Chemistry, Zoology, Central Science Library and Hindu College.

CBSE Capacity Building Programme


Ms. Nisha Saini attended a 2 day Hindi workshop (06.09.18-07.09.18) at Arwachin Bharti Bhavan Sr. Sec. School. The resource person, Ms. Kaumudi Sharma & Ms. Priyanka Yadav, aimed at activity based learning and emphasised on good lesson plan, bloom Taxonomy, Manak Devnagri Typing and spelling error correction. The teachers were also informed about the pattern for evaluation of Advertisement, Letter, Essay, Soochna etc.

Workshop at G. D. Goenka Public School, Vasant kunj


4 Goenkan teachers, Ms. Manmeet, Ms. Kajol, Ms. Itee and Ms. Parul Deveshwar attended a 3 day Workshop (25.06.18-27.06.18) at G. D. Goenka Public School, Vasant kunj. On the first day, the session was conducted by Mrs. Anuradha Kohli and she told about ways of reciting rhymes and telling stories to the students. The second day was dedicated to story telling and the resource person was Ms. Seema Mukherjee. On the last day, the session was conducted by Ms. Monica Nanda and Ms. Divya and laid emphasis on language skills and how to teach life skills by using different activities.

G.D. Goenka Confluence 2018


Ms. Anupama Chopra-Principal, Ms. Renu Ajay-Vice Principal & Ms. Gurjit Kaur-HOD Maths attended a 3 day workshop (G.D. Goenka Confluence 2018) at G.D. Goenka University, Sohna Road. The meet was a platform which provided an opportunity to listen to learned stalwarts in the field of education, like Prof. KK Pant, Prof Ravindran, Brahm Kumari Shivanji,etc. on topics like artificial intelligence, teaching in the 21st century, spiritual learning, Cyber Safety, etc. Apart from this the Confluence also provided an opportunity for interacting with the Principals/ Vice Principals and coordinators of other schools as well.

Workshop on Puberty And Obesity


A workshop on Puberty And Obesity among children and adolescents was conducted by Dr Vaisakhi Rustagi, Max Super Speciality Hospital. She enlightened about various terms like BMI, early puberty and discussed about various tumors, growth rate in children and the ways to measure these. It was an informative session as it informed about all the early signs and alarms which the teachers should know while dealing with adolescents.

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