Goenkan Photography Club

Proposed activities for the club includes:

  • Photo Walks
  • Workshops
  • Competitions
  • Exhibitions

The most eye catching cast of the club:

  • Annual Photography Exhibition (2018-19)
  • Best entries to be compiled in Annual Goenkan photobook.
  • Recognized entries will be awarded by School.

Selection process for the club :

  • Round I:  Students will be selected on the basis of creative Digital - photograph submitted with description (at least two) on below form on or before 10th September.
  • Round II:  Selected Students of round I will have to perform a task given in the school on 8th October.

The selected students will get the opportunity to be the part of Goenkan Photography club for the session 2018-19 and will be awarded by the school.

Submit your photographs

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 (jpg, jpeg, png, gif)