Special Assembly on Spring Season - Class I


“Spring is in the air, fresh blessings everywhere.” Filled with vigour and vivacity, the students of class I-B celebrated the auspicious occasion ‘Spring Season’ on 30th January 2023 which marks the onset of the ‘Spring Season.’ A special assembly was conducted by the students of class I-B in School Auditorium. The assembly started with welcoming everyone and then shlok recitation. It was followed by international news, national news and weather report. After the news headlines, a group of students sang ‘Hey Sharde Maa’. An informative discussion was initiated among the students on the significance of the occasion. It was followed by a wonderful dance performance. The assembly ended with a beautiful thought of the day - "May Goddess Saraswati bless you with the ocean of knowledge which never ends." All the students performed with zeal and enthusiasm and the props added on to the beauty of the assembly.

Republic Day Celebration -Class I-II


Republic Day is a National Holiday in India where the country marks and celebrates the date on which the constitution of India came into effect on 26.01.1950. Since then every year we celebrate Republic Day on this day. To celebrate the festival, the students of class I-II presented a special assembly in which the children came dressed as freedom fighters, famous leaders and portrayed their characters. Special dance performances on patriotic songs were also done by the students. Furthermore, several class activities like watching Republic Day stories, dancing on p[patriotic songs, poster making, creative writing and craft were done to involve the little ones. This helped them gain more knowledge about this special day. Overall the day was celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal.

Seminar on E-waste Management - Class VIII-IX


School witnessed a Seminar on E-waste Management by Prof. M.P. Singh, Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi . Students were enlightened about the consequences of increasing electronics gadgets, how they can reduce its usage, help in recycling it and reuse it. It was an Interactive session as students participated with enthusiasm and the take away was to create small groups in their societies, collect their e-waste and give it to govt. agencies for recycling; not to use mobile phones etc. Overall it was a knowledgeable event. 

Christmas Unwrapped - Class KG


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Christmas Unwrapped - Class II


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Annual Day Celebration


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Childrens Day Celebration - Classes NUR-II


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Stage Show - Class II


Webinar on Ozone preservation


Eco club in-charge attended the webinar along with students on Ozone preservation. The students whose slogans and posters were selected got a chance to attend the informative webinar on awareness about Ozone layer, causes of its depletion and how we all can together cure that patch in the ozone.

World Ozone Day Celebration - Class III-V


Ozone is the protective natural layer of Earth that protects us from the harmful ultra violet radiations of the Sun. Let us go hand in hand to stitch up the ozone hole that we have created. If we protect ozone today, it will save Earth tomorrow. Keeping in mind the importance of ozone, on the occasion of World ozone Day awareness Programme was  conducted in the school premises. Teachers discussed the importance of ozone layer and the reasons for its depletion. Students were motivated to make posters and slogans on the theme: protection of ozone layer. Along with Eco warriors other students also took part in this event enthusiastically.