Excursion To Grocery Store - Classes NURSERY & KG


An excursion to GroceryrnStore was organised for the students of KG & Nursery on 11.07.18 and 12.07.18rnrespectively. The students were taken to Reliance Fresh and were informed aboutrnthe articles sold such as household goods, vegetables and other food items. Thernstudents were able to identify fruits and vegetables and shared theirrnexperience. 

Master chef Activity - Class II


The objective of the activity was to inculcate healthy food habits andrnawareness regarding the choice of food amongst students. The students worernaprons and chef caps and learned to cook without fire. Students of class II-A,rnII-B and II-C prepared Nachos Chat, Pasta Salad and Cheesy Monaco Biternrespectively.

Excursion to Kiran Nadar Museum - Class VIII


Class VIII students along with the teachers went for an excursion to Kiran Nadar museum.rnThe museum had exquisite and amazingrnpaintings of the modern and contemporary art. The students were also updatedrnabout the painters and the features of their painting.

Zonal Chess Competition (U-19) Result


Vinayak Agarwal of class XII participated and bagged 1st position in Zonal ChessrnCompetition (U-19) 2018-19 at DAV, Shrestha Vihar. 

Workshop on Decision Making - Class XI


Workshop on DecisionrnMaking was conducted in association with Litchi for class XI students. The resourcernperson was Ms. Sugandha who had an interactive session and which was wellrnreceived by the students.

Stage show - class II


“The Country Tableaux”- A stage show for class II : It is an exciting journey into a faraway land. It is the thrill of discovering new species , new flavours and new celebrations. Students of grade I & II performed a skit followed by Fashion Show, Folk Dance and a song in the event Country Tableaux. Students spoke few lines on model displayed -Italy, Japan & USA, these were the countries which students showcased. They also brought famous cuisines and spoke about it. Students were made aware about the famous monuments, cuisines and famous personalities. Parents were also a part of the wonderful event.

Educational trip to Dubai


Students of classes IX-XII went for a 6 day long Excursion & Educational trip (31.05.18 to 05.06.18) to Dubai along with the teachers, Ms. Gurjit Kaur, Mr. Bittoo Saini and Mr. Kapil Tyagi.

National Workshop on Child Right Education for Empowerment at National Science Centre


Suraj Kaushal and Katyani Gupta of class XI-A attended a "National Workshop on Child Right Education for Empowerment at National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan. 

Book Donation Drive at Oxeus Valley Public School, Kaushambi


Parth Khurana and Mehul Aggarwal of class XI-A represented the school for a Book Donation Drive conducted in association with Love Care Foundation at Oxeus Valley Public School, Kaushambi. 

Student Achievement - Jagmeet Kaur (Class XI-B)


Jagmeet Kaur (Class XI-B) participated in:  i) 2nd KL ITF Malacca International Junior Championship 2018 at Malaysia (30.04.18-06.05.18). She played match in the qualifying round. ii) 10th ITF Malacca International Junior Championship 2018 at Malaysia (07.05.18-13.05.18). She played match in the main draw. iii) National Championship 2018-Road to Japan (14.5.18-18.5.18) at DLTA Complex, Africa Avenue. She played in the Quarter Final round.