Webinar on Digital Literacy


On account of World Computer Literacy Day, IT teachers of GDGPSED organized a webinar on Digital Literacy for all the teachers of the school.

Workshop on Adolescence, mental health & Schooling


An online workshop on Adolescence, mental health & Schooling was organised for all the teachers. The resource person was Prof. Namitha Ranganathan, Ex-Dean & Head , FoE , Delhi University.

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Orientation Programme On Cleanliness of River Yamuna


Eco-Club Incharges-Ms. Aarti Malhotra & Ms. Ragini Razdan, attended the workshop on 19.02.20 which was organized to impart knowledge about the condition of river Yamuna, sources of its pollution, projects carried out by the government and how the students can contribute for the betterment of environment ans river conditions. The teachers planned to show documentary to the students and briefing them on water conservation, cleanliness, water harvesting etc.

Workshop on Stress Free Living


A Workshop on Stress Free Living by Art of Living was organised for all the teachers. The resource person was Mr. Sagar from Art of living.

Workshop on Effective Time and Stress Management during Examination - Class IX & XI


The workshop started with the Resource Person’s brief introduction MrrnSagar Dutta (Faculty, The Art of Living). The session started with the discussion and understanding ofrneffective time management and managing examination anxiety. The Art of Living harnesses timelessrnwisdom, innovative processes and techniques which equip participants with toolsrnto overcome stress on a day-to-day basis and create better awareness andrnbelongingness. The purpose was to develop and strengthen life skills(i.e.rnemotional skills, thinking skills and social skills) crucial to student life asrnwell as adult life.

CBSE Workshop (Teacher Training Program on Museum & Object based Learning)


Ms. Shilpi Pasi & Ms. Sonali Gambhir attended one day Teacher Training Program organised by CBSE for Social Science Teachers at DPS, Mathura Road, Delhi. The workshop was conducted at DPS, Mathura Road. The teachers were taken for a visit to the National Museum and were sensitized on the various types of questions that can be put up to students. It was related to Deep analysis of the pots and painting found in ancient times. The teachers were also engaged in various hands on activities such as designing an artifact and framing interpretive and evaluative based on the same. They were informed on how social science teachers can incorporate museum based learning in their classes. 

Workshop on English


Ms. Sangeeta Agarwal, Ms. Davneet Kaur and Ms. Aiman attended a two workshop conducted by Centre of Excellence, CBSE (26.11.19-27.11.19).  The resource persons Mrs. Ruchi Sehgal and Mrs. Ambika Roshan began with the four skills of English Language (LSRW) and told how to integrate them into everyday teaching. They also focused on developing language rather than focusing only on the content. They also shared an array of activities to teach Grammar, Prose and Poetry.

Eat Right School Workshop by FSSAI


Ms. Priya Anish attended the workshop conducted to promote healthy habits amongst the students. The resource persons Mr. Pawan Aggarwal (CEO-FSSAI) and Ms. Namrata Khanna, suggested to supplement the school food menu with the curriculum, various activities such as arranging eat right food mela, eat right creativity challenges etc. should be carried out within the school. They also insisted on carrying out regular inspections to ensure safe, healthy and hygienic food. It was also proposed by FSSAI to ban food high in sugar, salt and oil in school canteens and to restrict the sale within school vicinity.

The International Workshop by Roger Jenkins on Story Telling


Ms. Aruni Sehgal & Ms. Priyanka Frederick attended The International Workshop by Roger Jenkins (Singapore) on Story Telling as a Teaching Technology at Springdales School, Pusa Road. The resource person mainly focused on usage of lots of pictures and props while narrating a story as it generates interest and helps explaining better. He also emphasized that Story Telling is a powerful and important tool in education. Both teachers and students learn to solve intellectual, creative, communicative and evaluative problems. The development in language, communication, lateral thinking, body language, logic and aesthetic pleasure is greatly enhanced.

Road Safety Awareness Campaign


Mr. Deepanshu, Hindi Teacher attended the Road Safety Awareness Campaign 2019-20 at NDMC Convention Centre, C.P. The chief Guest of the event was Shri Amulya Patnaik, Commissioner of Delhi Police.

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